Good day.

We are glad to inform you that our project is successfully developing and has become even closer and more accessible to you.
Now you have a completely reliable yet easy-to-use opportunity to participate in the ARNO Token project.
In your personal account, you can now pay for any package of…

Good day to all our partners and those who just want to become them.

Like any serious real project, our ARNO Token Project is slowly beginning to live its own network, not even very much from us, as a project team, which depends on life. …

New promotion from the ARNO Token project
“Hello summer” !!!

Starts now !!!
Dear our partners and those who want to become them.
By the beginning of summer, our team has prepared a pleasant surprise.
We are holding a promotion — everyone who bought any package of ARNO tokens from 05/29/2021 to 06/02/2021 will receive an additional 5% to their purchase in ARNO tokens.

Also, as usual, they are added to the purchase of any package:
from 30 to 299 coins + 10% bonus
from 300 to 1499 coins + 15% bonus
from 1500 and more coins + 20% bonus

Good day.
Continuing the policy of wide information coverage, a short overview information about our project was posted on the financial and business information channels of the Yahoo! catalog, which, undoubtedly, should have a positive effect on the ARNO Token project itself.

You can get acquainted with the project overview by following the following links:

Carefully !

Another scammer has appeared who pretends to be our CEO, he even put a photo of him.

@Artem_Zhdan0K, zero instead of the letter o.

Usually, in a private chat, he offers to sell ARNO with a 20% bonus.

This is a fraud! Be vigilant and careful!

ARNO Token Project

Creation of production of secondary energy sources for industrial and home use based on lead-acid battery cells using carbon nano materials

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