Good day to all our partners and those who just want to become them.

Like any serious real project, our ARNO Token Project is slowly beginning to live its own network, not even very much from us, as a project team, which depends on life. Information tends to multiply, often in rather bizarre or even grotesque forms.

For example, recently we were notified of the appearance (the first such so far, in our memory) of the next video review of our project. Created entirely within the framework of a private initiative, to which none of our team had anything to do.

The video review was created by the team and is originally available for viewing on their channel by the link

In principle, it can also be viewed on the channel of our ARNO Token project, available at the link

Do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel — in the near future we promise you to post several interviews that will give new information about the state of affairs in the project and its simply wonderful further prospects.

Creation of production of secondary energy sources for industrial and home use based on lead-acid battery cells using carbon nano materials