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ARNO Token Project
3 min readMar 18, 2022


Good evening everyone
It came all the same, as I did not delay it, it’s time.
It’s time to talk about things that are sad and, perhaps, somewhere even unpleasant.

In the middle of last month, I promised you several things at once. First, the results of independent tests on lead-acid batteries formulated with our additives. Secondly, stopping the current staking and starting a new phase, which would result in real payouts. It is, so to speak, at least.

Unfortunately, the current reality burst into life extremely unpleasantly, and very cruelly and ugly. This is not only and not so much even about our project with you, but about an extremely unpleasant situation in general.

I can state with full responsibility that our project has never, neither before the current, extremely terrible, from our point of view, events, nor now had and does not have any ties with state structures of both the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Ukraine.

Nevertheless, history does not tolerate the subjunctive mood.
The direct entry of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine took place and now there is a full-scale war.
I will not go into an assessment of current events in terms of finding out who is right and who is not — everything is bad.
It is frankly frightening that ordinary citizens of three countries — Russia, Belarus and Ukraine — have become hostages of politics.

As for our project and its implementation, all these events affected us in four ways.
1. The project is implemented as a European one. Accordingly, falling under the jurisdiction of the EU, we fall into the functionaries for the implementation of sanctions against Russia and Belarus.
2. We have fairly large financial and intellectual interests in Belarus — our laboratory and testing complex, land, buildings, equipment and, most importantly, personnel, our scientific potential are located there. All this is located on the territory of Belarus. Our workers there are citizens of Belarus. They fall under both sanctions and increased pressure from the authorities — as they work for a European enterprise.
3. We had fairly large interests in Russia. Both financially and intellectually. We negotiated with Russian manufacturers on the use of our materials and technology licensing, most of the independent studies of the results of our activities were also ordered by us in Russia — both due to the high potential and competence of Russian performers, and due to their relatively low cost.
4. Almost a third of our partners, that is, the owners of the ARNO token, one way or another live or lived until recently in the territory of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

We thought for a very long time what to do with all this and how it will affect the further implementation of the project.

To minimize both current negative and future even more negative (as it seems to us) impacts of political events on the implementation of our project, the following decisions have been made.
1. We are relocating our scientific and practical complex to Europe — to Bulgaria. Yes, it will be difficult, expensive, and you will have to give up a lot, apparently. But — we will save our potential from any negative influences.
2. Until further clarification from the authorities of the EU, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus regarding the access of citizens of these countries to the cryptocurrency market, we leave the old staking rules in place for all our partners, regardless of their place of residence and conversational environment.
3. We resume independent testing, now focusing on Europe and countries in Asia and America.
4. We continue to adhere to the roadmap of the project and try to provide it with more and more liquidity and increase its capitalization.

That is, in essence, everything that I have stated above means that we are preparing the removal of property and people from the war zone, we are switching our efforts to Asia and America, and, since the main production, which is already operating, has not been affected by current events, we continue our activity in the same way. Adjusted for the fact that additional time will be needed for testing and deployment of research.



ARNO Token Project

Creation of production of secondary energy sources for industrial and home use based on lead-acid battery cells using carbon nano materials