Good day to all

We have some good news for you.

Well, first of all, you all probably already know that we are going to IEO with four centralized exchanges — CoinsBit, P2PB2B, IndoEx and VinDax. The announcements have already passed, so I will not clog the channel. I will just repeat that everything will start on August 16, on Monday, it will take place everywhere in two rounds, each one week long. After that, a listing on crypto-exchanges will be announced (probably on several more).

One more piece of news, also good news. A.R.T, Monbat (Bulgaria), in the authorized capital of which, if you remember, 35% belongs to our management company Advanced Carbon Materials (also Bulgaria), received the premises and customs documents, as well as a complete line for dispersion and activation carbon nanomaterials. The line itself for the production of these materials is not yet available — it is only being designed “on site”, but there is nothing wrong with that — together with the “iron” ART Monbat received the first batch of 135 kilograms of consumables, which will allow, after assembly and start-up and commissioning works immediately start production of products, as planned according to our Roadmap (even a little ahead of schedule). The products will immediately go for approbation and certification to the parent enterprise for the production of lead-acid batteries.